Saturday, November 11, 2006

More times with Swamiji

I came back to Delhi, and got back to the usual routine. After a few months, I felt like meeting him again. I called him up and he invited me to come and stay with him for a few days. When I saw him again, it was a beautiful feeling. I felt like I had been transported back to ancient times and Gurunanak was in front of me.

He had some other visitors that evening and we had a Satsang. (The word satsang means, companionship which brings us closer to the truth). He asked each one of us a few questions and allowed the conversation to flow naturally. There was an old disciple of his who had come from New York. He was a senior executive with an insurance company there. He told me that Swamiji used to give talks in IIT (his engineering college) and led him to spiritual growth. He told me that he did meditation regularly and as a result miracles manifested in his life. He worked in World Trade Towers but on the day (9/11), he went to office late and escaped the tragedy. Such is the power of satsang and meditation.

When Swamiji sang hyms, we were all transported to a state of bliss. His voice resonated with love for the creator.

At night, he took me to his library. It was a jaw dropping experience as I saw the most amazing variety of books on meditation and spiritual growth.

He picked one book and gave it to me. It was a book by Mikhael Naimy, a lebanese author called the 'Book of Mirdad'.

Next morning, he was sitting with his lama dog called 'Dharma'. Swamiji said that Dharma was a fellow monk in a monastery with him in his previous life. That made me think that if Dharma was a monk in his previous life and a dog in this life, then he must have fallen down due to some reason. Just at that moment, as if he read my thoughts (and I am sure he did), he said : "It is not as if he has fallen down by being born as a dog". I was taken by surprise.

When I went back to Delhi, I called up Swamiji and told him that I will wake up in the morning and read the scripture for many days. He asked me what time I will get up and I said 5 AM.
He asked me : "Do you want me to wake you up?" I was a bit puzzled what he meant by that but I said sure. Next morning I saw him in my dream and opened my eyes : It was 5 AM dot on the clock. I will narrate more experiences with him in my next post.

The night (continued post)

It was hard to sleep. I was thinking about him. He was born in Switzerland and left for India when he was just 16 in the quest for self realisation. There was a fire burning in his heart. He wanted to discover the spirit and live a life close to the source. The material world did not delude him and he was fixed in his inner self.

He must have spent many years in India. He learnt meditation and would go into a trance for long periods of time.

I went to see him early in the morning. He sang beautiful hyms that stirred my soul. The tea offered to me was like an elixir. I felt very happy, took his blessings and left for Delhi. There was no more darkness in my meditation.

Transcend all barriers to growth

A Transcendendal Journey

There was a great deal of excitement that day. And something within my heart told me that the excitement has just begun. I had taken a decision to go and meet a person I did not know about a few hours ago.

The drive from Delhi to Dehradoon took about four hours. I was very eager to reach before its late night as I wanted to meet him. I reached his cottage at eight PM. The outside had a mystic charm about it. I was not sure whether its an appropriate time to ring the bell and disturb the serenity of the place. I could not resist though.

In a few minutes, he appeared. I felt drawn to him. He had an aura of peace and happiness.
He told me that he was about to retire for the night and I could come in for a few minutes. He said that the only reason people meet is because they are meant to meet. It was a profound statement and I was happy that he welcomed me.

As I went Inside, he got a glass of milk for me. Having the milk seemed to soothe my nerves.
He asked me what was the reason for my visit. I told him that I was having problems with meditation...and that I saw darkness whenever I sat down to meditate. He asked me how did I know that he had the answers to my problem. The words which came out of my mouth surprised me : ''Who else but an enlightened soul like you has the answer?" and he asked me with his mystic smile : "How do you know that I am an enlightened soul?"
I said that my intuition is telling me that. He smiled at the answer and there was a brief moment of silence. What he said after that took me by surprise : "Only an enlightened soul can recognise an enlightened soul"

After that, he said its time for him to retire and asked me to meet him in the morning.

To be contd.